Dale Unruh

Dale Unruh received his B.S. in Meteorology from Millersville State University in 2004 and went on to earn his M.S. in Meteorology from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in 2009. Upon graduating, he began as a contractor/grantee in the Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center (HDSC) in the National Weather Service’s Office of Hydrologic Development (now the Office of Water Prediction, OWP). Since 2009, he has assisted in the development and publication of seven Volumes of NOAA Atlas 14–Precipitation Frequency Estimates for the United States ( The precipitation frequency estimates are used extensively in public engineering design standard across the country. He is involved in the entire process including: data collection and formatting, station cleanup, quality control, regionalization of the time series data, methodology development, spatial analysis of the gridded data and documentation. He is also the lead GIS specialist for the group, developing all maps that are used in publication. Recently his work has focused on analyzing the ability of the National Water Model streamflow output to forecast drought occurrence.


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