Cooperative Institute for Climate & Satellites - Maryland


Yuhan Rao

Yuhan Rao is a doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland in the Department of Geographical Sciences. Before joining UMD, he earned his B.S. in Statistics and M.Eng. in Cartography both from Beijing Normal University. He is supervised by Dr. Shunlin Liang (GEOG) for his dissertation research focusing on estimating surface temperature change using remote sensing products with machine learning techniques and understanding the impact of surface temperature changes on local hydrological cycle. Besides his dissertation research, Yuhan is a research assistant in the algorithm working group (AWG) and calibration/validation team for JPSS and GOES-R land surface temperature products under the supervision of Dr. Yunyue Yu (NOAA/NESDIS/STAR) and Dr. Peng Yu (CICS). His primary responsibility within LST AWG is to evaluate NOAA's operational LST products with in situ measurements and other operational products from NASA and international counterparts.

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