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The CISESS Campus at the University of Maryland is led by CISESS Deputy Director Hugo Berbery with the support of the CISESS Executive Director, Ellen Williams. Heather Mattern is the CISESS Financial Director and she heads up a unit that includes Chileta Perrow, the ESSIC Business Manager, and Katie DeGennaro, the CISESS Accounts Coordinator. Administrative work is handled by the CISESS Coordinator, Debra Baker.

ESSIC Director Ellen Williams and Assistant Director Andrew Negri assist on managment and personnel matters. Personnel, payroll and benefits issues are handled by Monica Gonsalves, the ESSIC Human Resources Manager, or Brenda Torney, the Payroll Coordinator. Yolande Samerson is available to provides information regarding immigration issues. Mark Baith directs the ESSIC IT Department and IT support is handled by the amazing Cazzy Medley, Luther Clark, and Robbie Reese via the ESSIC Help Desk and Ticket System.

Hugo Berbery
CISESS UMD Campus Director, CISESS Deputy Director & Research Professor
(301) 405-0323
  Room #3035
Heather Mattern
CISESS Financial Director
(301) 405-5917 
 Room # 3011
Chileta Perrow
CISESS Business Manager
(301) 405-5359  
Room #3005
Katie DeGennaro
CISESS Accounting Coordinator
(301) 405-2807
  Room #3001
Deb Baker
CISESS Coordinator
(301) 405-5397
 Room #3036
Ellen Williams
CISESS Executive Director, ESSIC Director & Distinguished University Professor
(301) 405-3291 
 Room #4097
Andy Negri
ESSIC Assistant Director
(301) 405-5384
 Room #4095
Monica D'Rozario
ESSIC Human Resources Manager
(301) 405-3039 
 Room #4007
Brenda Torney
ESSIC Payroll Coordinator
(301) 314-2783
  Room #4100
Mark Baith
ESSIC Director of Information Technology & Communications
(301) 314-2629
 Room #4071
Robbie Reese
ESSIC Linux Administration and Server Lab Manager
(301) 405-7745
 Room #4060
Luther Clark
ESSIC IT Coordinator
(301) 405-7009
  Room #4069
Medley, Cazzy
ESSIC Communications & Help Desk Support
(301) 405-5557  
Room #4069
P: 301-405-5397 | F: 301- 405-8468
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