Mason Quick

Mason Quick, Ph.D., conducts research in atmospheric physics with a focus on atmospheric electricity using a variety of remote sensing tools and data products.  He has worked on numerous field campaigns to deploy electric field change meters, lightning mapping arrays, high speed video cameras, and multi-band radiometers, in an effort to understand the physics of natural and artificially triggered lightning in thunderstorms and to relate a storm’s lightning activity to its dynamics.  Dr. Quick served as the lead scientist in the design, calibration, and operation of the Fly's Eye GLM Simulator (FEGS) which flew on the NASA ER-2 high altitude aircraft as part of the GOES-R Validation Campaign to help validate measurement from the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM).  FEGS was flown as part of a package that included gamma-ray scintillation and electric field measurements to probe the physics of gamma-ray and high energy particle emission from thunderstorms.  Data collected from aircraft, ground, and satellite are required to gain a comprehensive understanding of thunderstorm physics and atmospheric electricity.

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