Research Topics

CISESS Research Themes

  1. Satellite Services

    • Provide calibration expertise for JPSS and GOES-R satellite sensors as well as NOAA partner satellites.
    • Develop satellite-based algorithms, validation and monitoring strategies, and new products and applications.
    • Offer expertise in basic satellite products, such as SST, snow cover, atmospheric composition, and precipitations.
    • Exploit long-term time series of derived satellite product for applied Earth system research .
    • Use NOAA Testbeds to demonstrate the usefulness of new products and prepare training materials for NWS users.
    • Demonstrate expertise in transitioning research to operations in innovative ways and accelerating this process. 
  2. Earth System Observations and Services

    • Provide expertise in regional coastal and ocean studies using satellite and in situ data.
    • Detect and understand impacts of environmental changes on coastal ecosystems, including developing new indicators and indexes optimally combining satellite and in situ data.
    • Support NOAA National Climate Assessments, including project and data management to coordinate complex, multi-year assessment cycles.
    • Conduct socioeconomic studies to evaluate the societal value of satellites, long-term datasets, and data visualization.
    • Provide data stewardship and information, which bridges the gap between the government and users.
    • Investigate and implement cutting-edge technology related to using Big Data, including storage, analysis and visualization.
  3. Earth System Research

    • Monitor and predict ecosystems at regional to basin scales using new satellites and new techniques on existing satellite data.
    • Develop global climate analyses to address the major issues of the 21st-century climate that are crucial to inform policy decisions.
    • Advance data assimilation of satellite data for global reanalysis datasets.
    • Support Seasonal to Subseasonal (S2S) forecasts on mesoscale, regional and global scales using satellite and in situ data.

CISESS Research Topics


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