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Vivek Agarwal

Snowfall Rate Validation

Vivek Agarwal assisted Jun Dong in using machine learning to create snowfall detection models and made improvements to the Snowfall Rate Interactive Website.

Nazneen Ansar

Application of AI Tools

Nazneen Ansar explored AI-based tools for scientific software development with mentors Fangfang Yu & Bikash Basnet. Spectral datasets were used during IDL to Python conversion test using ChatGPT.

Ankith Bachhu

Global Hydrological Cycle

Ankith Bachhu and mentors Hugo Berbery and Veljko Petković investigated satellite products for monitoring global hydrological cycle components.

Atharva Bhalke

QC Tool Enhancements

Atharva Bhalke worked with Liqing Jiang to enhance an existing suite of Matlab-based quality control tools to allow a greater range of users and increase compatibility for different systems.

Domenic Brooks, Alexandra Hess, and Brooke Widmar

Lightning Videos

Domenic Brooks, Alexandra Hess, & Brooke Widmar worked with Guangyang Fan & Daile Zhang on collecting high-speed video lightning observations using a raspberry pi camera network.

Matias Calderon & Felix Ogordi

Microwave Radiometer

Felix Ogordi & Matias Calderon assisted Tiger Yang in the development of a low-cost microwave radiometer.

Kristine Pinky Dulaca

Hyperspectral Radiometer

Kristine Pinky Dulaca performed lab calibration of a miniature hyperspectral radiometer and took field measurements with Xi Shao & Changyong Cao and radio occultation data assimilation with William Miller.

Damian Figueroa

Supercell Storm Visualization

Damian Figueroa and mentor Guangyang Fang demonstrated the structural and radar features of a supercell storm using virtual reality.

Brandon Fung

Offshore Wind Speeds

Brandon Fung assisted Korak Saha & James Frech in developing an extrapolation model based on machine learning to predict ocean wind speed at various wind turbine heights.

Ethan Heidtman

Hydrologic Model Validation

Ethan Heidtman evaluated how well the Noah Land-Surface Model can simulate observed snowpacks in the western U.S. with mentor Andrew Badger.

Linfred Kingston

Evaluating AI Methods

Linfred Kingston and mentor Fangfang Yu used AI methods to find common features in satellite lunar images and identified the optimal method for ABI lunar feature extraction.

Zichao Liang

TC Intensity

Zichao Liang made an estimation of tropical cyclone Intensity over ocean using Uymatiao NOAA-20 ATMS measurements through a U-Net machine learning algorithm with mentors Yong-Keun Lee, Christopher Grassotti, & Quanhua Liu (NOAA).

Agnes Liu

CYGNSS Soil Moisture

Agnes Liu and mentor Jifu Yin evaluated the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Soil Moisture data product.

Alina Liu

Neural Network to Predict LST

Alina Liu applied machine learning to fuse multi-band satellite observatons to predict land surface temperature (LST) under all weather conditions with mentor Li Fang.

Madison Magaha

Ocean Surface Mixed Layer

Madison Magaha investigated the Impact of tropical cyclones on the ocean surface mixed layer with mentors Paige Lavin & Jacob Wenegrat.

Ashmita Pyne

Lightning Safety in VR

Ashmita Pyne created a VR educational module that demonstrates the law of Faraday Cage as it relates to lightning safety with mentor Guangyang Fang.

Sarah Rinker

Impacts on VIIRS

Sarah Rinker investigated space weather impacts on the VIIRS instrument and sync-loss occurrence associated with instrument aging with mentors Xi Shao, Changyong Cao, and Surja Sharma.

Tiancheng Steven Shao

Iceberg Tracking

Tiancheng Steven Shao worked with Jun Dong, Sirish Uprety, & Bin Zhang (NOAA) to test the U-Net Deep Learning model for object recognition with satellite images and to track iceberg A76.

Lily Shen

Drought Monitoring

Lily Shen assisted Jicheng Liu in detecting surface soil moisture anomalies using the SMOPS blended soil moisture product and using anomaly maps for drought monitoring.

Shangyong Shi

Orographic Snowfall Rate

Shangyong Shi explored methods to identify orographic snowfall and identified elevation-related features to improve the performance of the SnowFall Rate (SFR) algorithm for orographic snowfall.

Hritvik Shrivastava

Climate Monitoring

Hritvik Shrivastava worked with mentors Manik Bali & Lawrence Flynn (NOAA) to perform Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) analysis on Cross-Track Infrared Sounder data using Python.

Lance Uymatiao

3D Weather Visualization

Lance Uymatiao worked with Malarvizhi Arulraj & Veljko Petković on developing a 3D Weather Visualization System for the Maryland-DC Region.

Yin Wang

Snowfall Rate Validation

Yin Wang assisted Jun Dog in validating satellite snowfall rate data using ground snow telemetry (SNOTEL) observations and creating a collocation package.

Guang-Lin Wei

Severe Weather Events

Guang-Lin Wei assisted Jingjing Peng and Peng Yu in creating a machine learning model capable of detecting drought regions.

Adam Witiak

AI in RT Modeling

Adam Witiak worked with mentor Isaac Moradi in training a neural network to predict the surface contribution to microwave data.

Jolie Wu

Seagrass Monitoring

Jolie Wu worked with Guangming Zheng & Megan Coffer (NOAA) on developing a machine-learning model using Landsat 8 to monitor seagrass area and density in the Chesapeake Bay.

Ava Xu

LAI & LST Correlation

Ava Xu worked with Heshun Wang to map the 20-year averaged rate of change in leaf area index (LAI) and land surface temperature (LST) to create a time series and find a correlation.

Shuo Xu

VIIRS LST Downscaling

Shuo Xu worked with mentor Yuling Liu on extending the all-weather land surface temperature (LST) fusion method to a global scale and investigating a VIIRS LST downscaling technique.

Roger Yang

Detection & Forecasting

Roger Yang worked with mentors Jingjing Peng & Peng Yu to devise detection and forecasting models for severe weather events from satellite products using machine learning.

Artemis Zhang

Snow Depth Analyses

Artemis Zhang compared European and American snow depth data using Python and determined the most accurate algorithm for analyzing snow depth. with mentor Cezar Kongoli.

Niko Zhang

Neural Networks

Niko Zhang worked with mentors XingMing Liang and Tiger Yang to develop a deep-learning-based forward emulator (DLFE) and total precipitable water (TPW) retrieval algorithm for the 22 GHz radiometer.

Jessica Zhou

GOES Data Processing

Jessica Zhou processed subset historical GOES-17/18 ABI and NOAA-20 VIIRS data and performed Pearson correlation metrics with mentor Fangfang Yu.




Summer Intern 2023 Project Slides

Summer Intern Mentor Project
Vivek Agarwal Jun Dong Snowfall Rate Website and Machine Learning for Snowfall Detection   View Slides
Nazneen Ansar Fangfang Yu &    Bikash Basnet Exploring AI-Based Tools for Scientific Software Development   View Slide
Ankith Bachhu Hugo Berbery &    Veljko Petkovic Investigation of High Resolution Satellite Products for Monitoring the Hydrologic Cycle Components          View Slides
Atharva Bhalke Li-Qing Jiang Enhancing a Suite of Matlab-based Quality Control Tools and Increasing Compatibility for Different Systems   View Slide
Domenic Brooks, Alexandra Hess, &    Brooke Widmar Guangyang Fan & Daile Zhang High Speed Video Lightning Observations Using Raspberry Pi Camera Network: College Park, Germantown, MD, and Tucson, AZ   View Slides
Matias Calderon &      Felix Ogordi Hu Yang &       XingMing Liang Developing Low-cost Microwave Radiometer           View Slides
Kristine Pinky Dulaca Xi Shao &    Changyong Cao Lab Calibration of Hyperspectral Radiometer and Field Measurements   View Slides
Damian Figueroa Guangyang Fan & Daile Zhang Supercell Visualization in VR   View Slide
Brandon Fung Korak Saha &       James Frech Offshore Wind Extrapolation to Wind Turbine Heights Using AI/ML Random Forest Algorithm   View Slides
Ethan Heidtman Andrew Badger Hydrologic Model Validation of SWE and Streamflow: Noah LSM   View Slides
Linfred Kingston Fangfang Yu Finding Common Features in Satellite Images with AI   View Slide
Zichao Liang Yong-Keun Lee Quanhua Liu, & Christopher Grassotti Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity over Ocean using NOAA-20 ATMS Measurements through a U-Net Machine Learning Algorithm   View Slides
Agnes Liu Jifu Yin Evaluation of CYGNSS Soil Moisture Data Product   View Slides
Alina Liu Li Fang An All-Weather LST Prediction Using a Neural Network Model   View Slide
Madison Magaha Paige Lavin &       Jacob Wenegrat Investigating the Impact of Tropical Cyclones on the Ocean Surface Mixed Layer   View Slide
Ashmita Pyne Guangyang Fan & Daile Zhang VR Educational Module to Demonstrate the Law of Faraday Cage   View Slide
Sarah Rinker Xi Shao,      Changyong Cao, & Surja Sharma     Space Weather Impacts on VIIRS Instrument: A hypothesis on VIIRS Sync-loss Occurrence             View Slides
Tiancheng Steven Shao  Jun Dong,                Sirish Uprety, &         Bin Zhang Detecting and Tracking Iceberg A76 with U-Net Deep
Learning Model   View Slides
Lily Shen Jicheng Liu Soil Moisture Anomaly Detections Using SMOPS
and Its Applications in Drought Monitoring   View Slides
Shangyong Shi Yongzhen Fan Exploring Features for Improving Orographic Snowfall Retrieval   View Slides
Hritvik Shrivastava Manik Bali &    Lawrence Flynn Climate Monitoring from Space   View Slide
Lance Uymatiao Malarvizhi Arulraj &    Veljko Petkovic 3D-VisSys: Developing an Interactive 3D Weather Visualization System for Maryland-DC Region         View Slide
Yin Wang Jun Dong Satellite Snowfall Rate Validation Using SNOTEL Observations   View Slides
Guang-Lin Wei Jingjing Peng &       Peng Yu Detection of Severe Weather Events from Satellite Products   View Slides
Adam Witiak Isaac Moradi Application of AI in Radiative Transfer Modeling        View Slide
Jolie Wu Guangming Zheng & Megan Coffer Developing a Machine-Learning Model Using Landsat 8 to Monitor Seagrass Area and Density in the Chesapeake Bay   View Slides
Ava Xu Heshun Wang Correlation Between Land Surface Temperature and Vegetation Phenology   View Slides
Shuo Xu Yuling Liu All-weather LST extension and VIIRS LST downscaling   View Slide
Roger Yang Jingjing Peng &       Peng Yu Detection and forecasting of severe weather events from satellite products using ML   View Slides
Artemis Zhang Cezar Kongoli Accuracy of European and American Snow Depth Analyses   View Slides
Niko Zhang XingMing Liang &       Hu Yang Development of a Smart Ground-based Radiometer for Weather Study -  ML TPW retrieval algorithm for the 22 GHz radiometer   View Slides
Jessica Zhou Fangfang Yu Data Processing for GOES ABI SNO INR with N20 VIIRS     View Slide


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