Students' Page

Students' Page
This slide show features student work with links to student pages
Doug Kahn

Convective Storms

Douglas Kahn is using ground and satellite lightning observations with WDSS-II to provide detailed insights into the structure and evolution of convective storms.

Meredith Nichols

Methane & Carbon Dioxide

Meredith Nichols is working on answering the question: What is the impact of oil and natural gas operations on air quality in the United States?

Tom Kelly

Lightning Events Analysis

Tom Kelly uses the DCLMA and ENTLN as tools for conducting post event analysis of lightning incidents in the Mid-Atlantic.

Kate O'Brien

MJO & Tropical Cyclogenesis

Kate O'Brien looks at observations to determine if the Madden-Julian Oscillation has a measurable impact in the early stages of a tropical cyclone.

Alex Ortiz

Flow Mapping Storms

Alex Ortiz is working to construct accurate rain-fields by using quick and accessible lightning data.

Nina Randazzo

Carbon Monoxide & Recession

Nina Randazzo is trying to determine whether there is a trend in observed CO that is related to economic activity.

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