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Vivek Agarwal

Snowfall Rate Website

Vivek Agarwal worked with mentors Jun Dong and Yongzhen Fan to develop an interactive website for viewing the NOAA snowfall rate product, which allows users to select location and time and which satellite data to use.

Domenic Brooks and Alex Friedman

Lightning Captured

Domenic Brooks and Alex Friedman helped mentor Daile Zhang set up and run a network of high-speed Raspberry Pi cameras to record lightning strikes for comparison with ground and satellite data.

Kaley Du

VIIRS Image Quality

Kaley Du, supported by mentor Xi Shao, developed code to reveal fine details by combining VIIRS Composite Color Images and Day/Night Band and then added Infrared Bands to identify fires.

Vesta Gorosh

Precipitation CNN

Vesta Gorosh found that a Convolutional Neural Network encoder decoder algorithm showed promise in creating end-to-end surface precipitation retrievals using multiple satellite sensors (LEO & GEO) over complex surface types.

Rida Kahn

Predicting BT on Land

Rida Kahn worked with Xingming Liang this summer to develop a forward radiative emulator. Her talk was entitled “Developing a Deep Learning Model to Predict ATMS Brightness Temperatures on Land.”

Linfred Kingston

ABI Image Registration

Linfred Kingston worked with Fangfang Yu this summer using different machine learning algorithms to improve ABI image registration, which is the geometrically alignment of one dataset with others.

Clarence Lam

Satellite Detection

Clarence Lam worked with Lin Lin and Changyong Cao (NOAA) to apply machine learning to satellite images. He was able to train the algorithm to detect hurricanes and atmospheric rivers.

Zichao Liang

TC Intensities from Temp Anomalies

Zichao Liang worked this summer with Lin Lin to use machine learning to identify the intensity of trpoical cycles (TC) from ATMS temperature anomalies.

Agnes Liu

Soil Moisture Preprocessing

Agnes Liu assisted Jifu Yin in developing a preprocessing system for soil moisture observations from the International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN) that visually identifies the location of the data.

Stephanie Marquez

Desert Soil Moisture

Stephanie Marquez was the NOAA EPP/MSI Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Fellow and she collected soil moisture data in the Chihuahuan Desert this summer for comparison with co-located satellites.

Liem Nguyen

Data to Climatologies

Liem Nguyen continued his work with Liqing Jiang. This summer he developed a program that automatically linked NOAA Projects to the NCEI Archive for the North American Coastal Climatologies.

Lukas Ozpaker

Precipitation Validation

Lukas Ozpaker took on the challenge of investigating the potential of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) to be used fpr NOAA Satellite Precipitation Product Validation.

Terrence Pierce

Lightning Data Blending

Terrence Pierce worked with Daile Zhang for this year to develop a user-friendly portal that allows researchers to download lightning data for the same event from both satellites and ground sensors.

Ashmita Pyne and Damian Figuero

Virtual Reality Data

Ashmita Pyne and Damian Figuero became part of Guangyang Fang’s project to explore creative ways to use virtual reality (to analyze and visualize 3D weather and climate datasets.

Seung Joon Rhee

City Growth by Satellite

Seung Joon Rhee worked on applying machine learning techniques to feature detection in VIIRS images with Bin Zhang and Xi Shao. He used the VIIRS Day-Night Band to look at city growth over time.

Yucheng Shao

Snowfall in Extreme Cold

Yucheng Shao worked with Yongzhen Fan this summer developing a machine learning snowfall detection algorithm for the GPM microwave imager (GMI) that helped to improve accuracy in extremely cold temperatures.

Chao-Wei Tu

Digital Synchronous Detector

Working in the Radiometer Lab with Hu Yang, Chao-Wei Tu designed and implemented a Digital Synchronous Detector for the Prototype Microwave Radiometer.

Wei Wang

Cloudy & Clear Sky Detection

With the help of Bin Zhang and Sirish Uprety, Wang Wei used a tensor-flow similarity index for detecting the cloudy and clear sky observations from a series of VIIRS images.

Zhuoyu Yang

Radiometer Controls

Zhuoyu Yang, helped by Jun Dong in the Radiometer Lab, developed a data collection system and temperature control for the Prototype Microwave Radiometer.

Jennifer Zhou

Wildfires & Soil Moisture

Jennifer Zhou came to Jifu Yin with her own project: to determine if soil moisutre data could be used to predict wildfires. She used the Random Forest Regression Model to get her preliminary results.



Summer Intern 2022 Single-Slide Project Summaries

Summer Intern Mentor Project
 Vivek Agarwal  Jun Dong &     Yongzhen Fan Snowfall Rate Product Interactive Website and Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Process Snowfall Rate   View Slide
 Domenic Brooks &     Alex Friedman  Daile Zhang High-Speed Lightning Videos Using Raspberry Pi Cameras   View Slide    View Video
 Kaley Du  Xi  Shao Supporting the STAR Satellite Global/Regional Validation Sites (GReVS) System Development for VIIRS Imagery Quality Evaluation   View Slide
 Vesta Gorooh  Veljko Petković, Malarvizhi Arulaj &  Ralph Ferraro Developing Machine Learning Models for ABI and Passive Microwave Observations             View Slide
 Rida Khan  XingMing Liang Developing a Deep Learning-Based Machine Learning Model to Predict Brightness Temperatures on Land   View Slide
 Linfred Kingston  Fangfang Yu Assessment of ABI Image Registration with a Deep Learning Method   View Slide
 Clarence Lam

 Lin Lin & Changyong Cao      (NOAA)

Analyzing Satellite Image Data with Machine Learning   View Slide
 Zichao Liang  Lin Lin Estimation of Pacific and Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Intensities from ATMS-Derived Temperature Anomalies Using Machine Learning      View Slide
 Agnes Liu  Jifu Yin Data Preprocessing of Soil Moisture Observations   View Slide
 Stephanie Marquez (NOAA Intern)  Xiwu Zhan    (NOAA) & Jifu Yin Intercomparison of Surface Soil Moisture through Multiscale, Colocated Suborbital and Orbital Observations in the Chihuahuan Desert of North America    View Slide
 Liem Nguyen  Liqing Jiang Automation Program Linking NOAA Projects to NCEI Archive for the North American Coastal Climatologies   View Slides
 Lukas Ozpaker  Malarvizhi Arulraj & Veljko Petković Investigating the Potential of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) to Serve as a Reference to the NPreciSe NOAA Satellite Precipitation Products Validation System   View Slide
 Terrence Pierce  Daile Zhang Developing a Triple-blended Lightning Dataset and its Applications   View Slide
 Ashmita Pyne & Damian Figueroa  Guangyang Fang & Joseph Patton Exploring Creative Ways to Use Virtual Reality to Analyze and Visualize 3D Weather and Climate Datasets   View Slide
 Seung Joon Rhee  Bin Zhang & Xi Shao Feature Detection in VIIRS Images with Machine Learning Techniques   View Slides
 Yucheng Shao  Yongzhen Fan Developing a Machine Learning Snowfall Detection Algorithm for the GPM Microwave Imager (GMI)     View Slide
 Chao-Wei Tu  Hu Yang Design and Implementation of Digital Synchronous Detector for Microwave Radiometer    View Slide
 Wei Wang Bin Zhang & Sirish Uprety

Support of VIIRS Geolocation and Radiometric Validation      View Slide

 Zhuoyu Yang  Jun Dong Data Collection and Temperature Control for the Prototype Microwave Radiometer       View Slide
 Jessica Zhou  Jifu Yin Preliminary Results of Predicting Wildfires on the Basis of Soil Moisture    View Slides


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