2023 CISESS Articles

Abushakra, Feras; Shriniwas Kolpuke; Christopher Simpson; Omid Reyhanigalangashi; Jacob Pierce; Nathan Jeong; Jordan Larson,David Braaten, Drew Taylor, and S. Prasad Gogineni, 2023: Snow depth measurements with ultra-wideband compact FMCW radar on a small unmanned aircraft systems, IEEE J. Radio Freq. Identif., 7(3), 343–351,

Bai, Hedanqiu, Bin Li, Avichal Mehra, Jessica Meixner, Shrinivas Moorthi, Sulagna Ray, Lydia Stefanova, Jiande Wang, Jun Wang, Denise Worthen, Fanglin Yang, and Cristiana Stan, 2023: The impact of tropical SST biases on the S2S precipitation forecast skill over the Contiguous United States in the UFS global coupled model, Wea. Forecasting, 38(6), 937–952,

Blonski, Slawomir; Wenhui Wang, Khalil Ahmad and Changyong Cao, 2023: Post-launch evaluation and improvements of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-20 Visible-Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite sensor data record geolocation accuracy. J. Appl. Remote Sens., 17(3), 034506,

Campbell, Patrick C., Weifeng (Rick) Jiang, Zachary Moon, Sonny Zinn, and Youhua Tang, 2023: NOAA’s Global Forecast System Data in the Cloud for Community Air Quality Modeling. Atmosphere14(7), 1110,

Chai, Tianfeng; Xinrong Ren, Fong Ngan, Mark Cohen, and Alice Crawford, 2023: Estimation of power plant SO2 emissions using HYSPLIT dispersion model and airborne observations with plume rise ensemble runs. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23(19), 12907–12933,

Chang, Chu-Chun; Tse-Chun Chen, Eugenia Kalnay, Cheng Da, and Safa Mote, 2023: Estimating ocean observation impacts on coupled atmosphere-ocean models using Ensemble Forecast Sensitivity to Observation (EFSO). Geophys. Res. Lett., 50(20), e2023GL103154,

Cheng, Lijing; John Abraham, Kevin E. Trenberth, John Fasullo, Tim Boyer, Michael E. Mann, Jiang Zhu, Fan Wang, Ricardo Locarnini, Yuanlong Li, Bin Zhang, Fujiang Yu, Liying Wan, Xingrong Chen, Licheng Feng, Xiangzhou Song, Yulong Liu, Franco Reseghetti, Simona Simoncelli, Viktor Gouretski, Gengxin Chen,Alexey Mishonov, Jim Reagan, and Guancheng Li, 2023: Another year of record heat for the oceans, Adv. Atmos. Sci., 40(6), 963–974 ,

Dong, Junjie, Luyu Sun, James A. Carton, and Stephen G. Penny, 2023: Improvements of Lagrangian data assimilation tested in the Gulf of Mexico. Mon. Wea. Rev.151 (8), 1927-1936,

Eischeid, J. K., M. P. Hoerling, X.-W. Quan, A. Kumar, J. J. Barsugli, Z. M. Labe, K. E. Kunkel, C. J. Schreck, D. R. Easterling,T. Zhang, J. Uehling, and X. Zhang, , 2023: Why has the summertime central U.S. warming hole not disappeared? J. Climate, 36(20), 7319–7336,

Feely, Richard A, Li-Qing Jiang, Rik Wanninkhof, Brendan R. Carter, Simone R. Alin, Nina Bednaršek, and Catherine E. Cosca, 2023: Acidification of the global surface ocean: What we have learned from observations. Oceanogr. 36(2–3) 120–129, [in the special issue on the 50th Anniversary of NOAA PMEL]. 

Feng, Hui; Alejandro Egido, Doug Vandemark, John Wilkin, 2023:  Exploring the potential of Sentinel-3 delay Doppler altimetry for enhanced detection of coastal currents along the Northwest Atlantic shelf, Adv. Space Res., 71(1), 997-1016,

Frame, Jonathan M., Frederik Kratzert, Hoshin V. Gupta, Paul Ullrich, and Grey S. Nearing, 2023: On strictly enforced mass conservation constraints for modelling the Rainfall-Runoff process. Hydrol. Processes37(3), e14847,

Gorooh, Vesta Afzali; Veljko Petković, Malarvizhi Arulraj, Phu Nguyen, Kuo-lin Hsu, Soroosh Sorooshian, and Ralph R. Ferraro, 2023a: Integrating LEO and GEO observations: Toward optimal summertime satellite precipitation retrieval. J. Hydrometeor.24(11), 1939–1954,

Gorooh, Afzali, Vesta, Kuolin Hsu, Ralph Ferraro, Joe Turk, Huan Meng, Phu Nguyen, Claudia Jimenez Arellano, Satya Kalluri, and Soroosh Sorooshian, 2023b: Advances in Precipitation Retrieval and Applications from Low-Earth-Orbiting Satellite Information. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 104(10), E1764–E1771, AR23 & NOAA Ackn

Hall, Joanne V.;  Wifrid Schroeder, Khaldoun Rishmawi, Martin Wooster, Chris C. Schmidt, Chengquan Huang, Ivan Csiszar &Louis Giglio, 2023: Geostationary active fire products validation: GOES-17 ABI, GOES-16 ABI, and Himawari AHI,Int. J. Remote Sens.,44(10), 3174–3193,

Jeong, Gill-Ran;Barry Baker, Patrick C. Campbell, Rick Saylor, Li Pan, Partha S. Bhattacharjee, Steven J. Smith, Daniel Tong and Youhua Tang, 2023: Updating and Evaluating Anthropogenic Emissions for NOAA’s Global Ensemble Forecast Systems for Aerosols (GEFS-Aerosols): Application of an SO2 Bias-Scaling Method.  Atmosphere, 14(2), 234,

Jia, Aolin; Dongdong Wang, Shunlin Liang, Jingjing Peng and Yunyue Yu, 2023: Improved cloudy-sky snow albedo estimates using passive microwave and VIIRS data. J. Photogramm. Remote Sens., 196, 340­–355,

Jiang, Li-Qing; Alex Kozyr, John M. Relph, Errol I. Ronje, Linus Kamb, Eugene Burger, Jonathan Myer,Liem Nguyen, Krisa M. Arzayus, Tim Boyer, Scott Cross, Hernan Garcia, Patrick Hogan, Kirsten Larsen and A. Rost Parsons, 2023a:The Ocean Carbon and Acidification Data System, Sci. Data, 10, 136,

Jiang, Li-Qing; John Dunne, Brendan R. Carter, Jerry F. Tjiputra, Jens Terhaar, Jonathan D. Sharp, Are Olsen, Simone Alin, Dorothee C. E. Bakker, Richard A. Feely, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Patrick Hogan, Tatiana Ilyina, Nico Lange, Siv K. Lauvset, Ernie R. Lewis, Tomas Lovato, Julien Palmieri, Yeray Santana-Falcón, Jörg Schwinger, Roland Séférian, Gary Strand, Neil Swart, Toste Tanhua, Hiroyuki Tsujino, Rik Wanninkhof, Michio Watanabe, Akitomo Yamamoto, and Tilo Ziehn, 2023b: Global surface ocean acidification indicators from 1750 to 2100. J. Adv. Model. Earth Syst., 15(3), e2022MS003563,

Jiang, Li-Qing; Kirsten Larsen, Tim Boyer, and Patrick Hogan (and colleagues), 2023c:  Data Management, Synthesis Activities, and Product Developments for Decision Supportin Jessica N. Cross, Colm Sweeney, Elizabeth B. Jewett, Richard A. Feely, Paul McElhany, Brendan Carter, Theo Stein, Gabriella D. Kitch andDwight K. Gledhill, 2023: Strategy for NOAA Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Research. NOAA Special Report. NOAA, Washington DC. DOI: 10.25923/gzke-8730,, pp. 65-66.

Jing, Xin; Shu-Peng Ho, Xi Shao, Tung-Chang Liu, Yong Chen, and Xinjia Zhou, 2023: Spire RO Thermal Profiles for Climate Studies: Initial Comparisons of the Measurements from Spire, NOAA-20 ATMS, Radiosonde, and COSMIC-2, Remote Sens., 15(15), 3710,

Kim, Eunhye, Byeong-Uk Kim, Yoon-Hee Kang, Hyun Cheol Kim and Soontae Kim, 2023: Role of vertical advection and diffusion in long-range PM2.5 transport in Northeast Asia, Environ. Pollut., 320, 120997,

Knisely, Joseph, and Jonathan Poterjoy, 2023: Implications of self-contained radiance bias correction for data assimilation within the Hurricane Analysis and Forecasting System (HAFS).Wea. Forecasting, 38(9), 1719–1738,

Kongoli, Cezar; and Thomas M. Smith, 2023: Modeling and estimation of snow depth spatial correlation structure from observations over North America. Front. Earth Sci. 11, 1035339,

Li, Yunyao; Daniel Tong, Siqi Ma, Saulo R. Freitas, Ravan Ahmadov, Mikhail Sofiev, Xiaoyang Zhang, Shobha Kondragunta, Ralph Kahn, Youhua Tang, Barry Baker, Patrick Campbell, Rick Saylor, Georg Grell, and Fangjun Li, 2023: Impacts of estimated plume rise on PM2.5 exceedance prediction during extreme wildfire events: a comparison of three schemes (Briggs, Freitas, and Sofiev), Atmos. Chem. Phys., 23(5), 3083–3101,

Liu, Shuyan; Christopher Grassotti and Quanhua Liu, 2023: Use of a U-Net Architecture to Improve Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS) Precipitation Rates, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 61 (Sept 2023), 4105611,

Lukens, Katherine; Kayo Ide; and Kevin Garrett, 2023: Investigation into the potential value of stratospheric balloon winds assimilated in NOAA's Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere Global Forecast System (FV3GFS). J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 128(3), e2022JD037526,

Miller, William J.; Yong Chen, Shu-Peng Ho, and Xi Shao, 2023: Evaluating the impacts of COSMIC-2 GNSS RO bending angle assimilation on Atlantic hurricane forecasts using the HWRF model. Mon. Wea. Rev., 151(7), 1821-1847,

Morris, James; Jordan Hollarsmith, Mike Litzow, Janine Harris, NOAA cross-line office Coastal Blue Carbon Working Group, Rebecca Briggs, Alison Krepp, and Katherine Longmire, Li-Qing Jiang, Kirsten Larsen, Tim Boyer, and Patrick Hogan, 2023: Decision Support Tools in Jessica N. Cross, Colm Sweeney, Elizabeth B. Jewett, Richard A. Feely, Paul McElhany, Brendan Carter, Theo Stein, Gabriella D. Kitch andDwight K. Gledhill, 2023: Strategy for NOAA Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Research. NOAA Special Report. NOAA, Washington DC. DOI: 10.25923/gzke-8730,, pp. 64–65.

Ortiz, Pedro, Eleanor Casas, Marko Orescanin, Scott W. Powell, Veljko Petkovic, and Micky Hall, 2023: Uncertainty Calibration of Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures Predicted by Bayesian Deep Learning Models. Artif. Intell. Earth Syst.2(4), e220056,

Pachniak, Elliot, Yongzhen Fan, Wei Li, and Knut Stamnes, 2023: Quantifying uncertainties in OC-SMART ocean color retrievals: A Bayesian inversion algorithm. Algorithms16(6), 301,

Peng, Jingjing, Peng Yu,Yunyue Yu, Aolin Jia, Dongdong Wang, Heshun Wang, and Zhihao Wang, 2023: An evaluation of the NOAA global daily gap-filled VIIRS surface albedo, Remote Sens. Environ., 298, 113822,

Petković, Veljko, Paula J. Brown, Wesley Berg, David L. Randel, Spencer R. Jones, and Christian D. Kummerow, 2023: Can we estimate the uncertainty level of satellite long-term precipitation records?J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 62(8), 1069–1082,

Santer, Henry, Jonathan Poterjoy, and Joshua McCurry, 2023: Evaluating contour band depth as a method for understanding ensemble uncertainty. Mon. Wea. Rev., 151(8), 2097–2113,

Son, Rackhun; Dimitris Stratoulias, Hyun Cheol Kim and Jin-Ho Yoon, 2023: Estimation of surface PM2.5 concentrations from atmospheric gas species retrieved from TROPOMI using deep learning: Impacts of fire on air pollution over Thailand. Atmos. Pollut. Res., 14(10), 101875,

 Stan, Cristiana, V. Krishnamurthy, Hedanqiu Bai, Bin Li, Avichal Mehra, Jessica Meixner, Shrinivas Moorthi, Lydia Stefanova, Jiande Wang, Jun Wang,, Denise Worthen And Fanglin Yang, 2023: The impact of tropical Pacific SST biases on the S2S forecast skill over the North America in the UFS global coupled model, J. Climate, 36(8), 2439–2456,

Sulpis, Olivier; David S. Trossman, Mark Holzer, Emil Jeansson, Siv K. Lauvset, and Jack J. Middelburg, 2023: Respiration patterns in the dark ocean, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 37(8), e2023GB007747,

Wang, Zhankun; Korak Saha, Ebenezer Nyadjro, Yongsheng Zhang, Boyin Huang, and James Reagan, 2023: Oceanic Responses to the Winter Storm Outbreak of February 2021 in the Gulf of Mexico from In Situ and Satellite Observations. Remote Sens.15(12), 2967,

Xu, Shuo, Dongdong Wang,Shunlin Liang, Yuling Liu and Aolin Jia, 2023: Assessing the reliability of the MODIS LST product to detect temporal variability, IEEE Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett., 20(9), 2504505,

Xu, Shuo; Dongdong Wang, Shunlin Liang, Yuling Liu and Aolin Jia, 2023: Assessment of gridded datasets of various near surface temperature variables over Heihe River Basin: Uncertainties, spatial heterogeneity and clear-sky bias,Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf., 120, 103347,

Yang, John Xun; Yong-Keun Lee, Christopher Grassotti, Kevin Garrett, Quanhua Liu, William Blackwell, R. Vincent Leslie, Tom Greenwald, Ralf Bennartz, and Scott Braun, 2023: Atmospheric humidity and temperature sounding from the CubeSat TROPICS mission: Early performance evaluation with MiRS.Remote Sens. Environ., 287, 113479,

Yin, Jifu; Xiwu Zhan, Michael Barlage, Sujay Kumar, Andrew Fox, Clement Albergel, Christopher R. Hain,Ralph R. Ferraro,andJicheng Liu, 2023a: Assimilation of blended satellite soil moisture data products to further improve Noah-MP model skills. J. Hydrol., 621, 129596,

Yin, Jifu; Xiwu Zhan, Michael Barlage,Jicheng Liu, Huan Meng andRalph R. Ferraro, 2023b: Refinement of NOAA AMSR-2 soil moisture data product: 1. Inter-comparisons of the commonly-used machine learning models. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 61, 4405410,

Yin, Jifu; Xiwu Zhan, Michael Barlage,Jicheng Liu, Huan Meng andRalph R. Ferraro, 2023c: Refinement of NOAA AMSR-2 soil moisture data product: 2. Development with the optimal machine learning model. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 61, 4405311,

You, Yalei,George Huffman, Veljko Petković, Lisa Milani, John X. Yang, Ardeshir Ebtehaj, Sajad Vahedizade, and Guojun Gu, 2023: Evaluation of snowfall retrieval performance of GPM constellation radiometers relative to spaceborne radars,J. Hydrometeor., 24(3), 389-405,

Yu, Fangfang, Xiangqian Wu, Xi Shao, and Haifeng Qian, 2023: Characterization of the east—west spatial uniformity for GOES-16/17 ABI bands using the Moon. Remote Sens., 15(7), 1881,

Zhang, Daile, Kenneth L. Cummins, Timothy J. Lang, Dennis Buechler, and Scott Rudlosky, 2023: Performance evaluation of the lightning imaging sensor on the International Space Station. J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 40(9), 1063–1082,

Zhang, Yongsheng;Xuepeng Zhao and Huai-Min Zhang, 2023: Relationship between the aerosol loadings over the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in the early summer and Asian monsoon rainfall anomalies, and the role of SST anomalies in the Indian Ocean. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 128(12), e2022JD038112,

Zheng, Guangming;Christopher W. Brown,& Paul M. DiGiacomo, 2023: Retrieval of oceanic chlorophyll concentration from GOES-R Advanced Baseline Imager using deep learning. Remote Sens. Environ., 295, 113660,

Zhou, Lihang; Banghua Yan, Ninghai Sun, Jingfeng Huang, Quanhua Liu, Christopher Grassotti, Yong-Keun Lee, William Straka, III, Jianguo Niu, Amy Huff, Satya Kalluri and Mitch Goldberg, 2023: Observed atmospheric features for the 2022 Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption from Joint Polar Satellite System science data products. Atmosphere, 14(2), 263,

Zou,Cheng-Zhi; Hui Xu, Xianjun Hao andQian Liu, 2023: Mid-tropospheric layer temperature record derived from satellite microwave sounder observations with backward merging approach. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 128(6), e2022JD037472.


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