Vision & Mission


CISESS performs collaborative research aimed at enhancing NOAA’s ability to use satellite observations and Earth System models to advance the national climate mission, including monitoring, understanding, predicting and communicating information on climate variability and change.


CISESS conducts research, education and outreach programs in collaboration with NOAA to:

  • Develop innovative applications of National and international satellite observations and to advance transfer of such applications to enhance NOAA operational activities;
  • Investigate satellite observations and design information products and applications to detect, monitor and understand the impact of climate variability and change on coastal and oceanic ecosystems;
  • Identify and satisfy the satellite climate needs of users of NOAA climate information products, including atmospheric and oceanic reanalysis efforts;
  • Improve climate forecasts on scales from regional to global through the use of satellite-derived information products, particularly through participation in the NOAA/NWS/NCEP Climate Test Bed;
  • Develop and advance regional ecosystem models, particularly aimed at the Mid-Atlantic region, to predict the impact of climate variability and change on such ecosystems; and
  • Establish and deliver effective and innovative strategies for articulating, communicating and evaluating research results and reliable climate change information to targeted public audiences.


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