Young scientists, including students and post-doctoral researchers, play an important role in conducting research at CISESS. CISESS strives for close integration with the graduate programs at its host institution, University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP). We also provide mentors of the senior research project required for a B.S. in Meteorology. In addition, we partner with high schools like Roosevelt High School to provide students with research experience. 

Our summer internships bring in 15 (and sometimes more) student, graduate and undergraduate, from UMD and all over the country to work with CISESS Scientists on short research projects. We also collaborate with Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies (formerly CREST) on their JPSS Students Professional and Academic Readiness with Knowledge in Satellites (SPARKS) program held a nine-week course this summer for graduate students.


Equisha Glenn, one of our CREST PhD students, gives an ESSIC Seminar on 11 December 2018.



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