Cooperative Institute for Climate & Satellites - Maryland



Young scientists, including students and post-doctoral researchers, play an important role in conducting research at CICS-MD. CICS-MD strives for close integration with the graduate programs at its host institution, University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP).


CICS-MD Summer Students and Mentors 2018

Our students this summer include: Melvin Gonsalves, Brandon Bush, Anton Karpovich, William McQuire and Alexandra Mazurek (both Hollings Scholars!), Tyler Richman, Christopher Smith, Jackson Hill, Stephany Paredes Mesa and Yoribaldi Oliva (both CREST!), Beatrice O'Connor, Cristina Madrid, J. Daniel Teodoro Morales, and Deseret Weeks. We also have four JPSS SPARKS students that will be spending some time with us: Dilchaud Nauth, Ysabel Banon, Christopher Bombach, and Arun Ravindranath. Thanks to Scott Rudlosky, Pat Meyers, Ralph Ferraro, Melissa Kenney, Kayo Ide, Jun Dong and Hugo Berbery who are serving as mentors this summer.


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