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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions:

During the current phase of the pandemic, additional travel restrictions are mandated by the University. Specifically, no international travel is permitted. Out of state domestic travel is strongly discouraged, and must be justified as essential and approved by the Director of ESSIC and the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs of CMNS. Further note that no State or University funded accounts, including cost share accounts, can be used for domestic travel; any approved travel must be charged to grants or contracts. This statement will be updated as and when conditions change. (August 1, 2020)

All travelers must follow the University of Maryland's travel policies and documentation requirements so it's important that traveler’s review the guidelines prior to booking any travel arrangements. These instructions are intended to expedite the request and reimbursement process of necessary travel expenses.airplane-5648242_640

Travel Approval:

Travel Approval Request (TAR) Instructions

All travelers must submit a travel approval request – at least 3 weeks prior to traveling domestically and 6 weeks prior to traveling internationally - by completing a Travel Approval Request (TAR) on the EBO site.

When completing the TAR enter ALL of the estimated travel expenses; including meals, lodging/hotel, ground transportation (taxi/shuttle/bus/metro), auto rental, parking, tolls, registration fees, and personal auto mileage.

All federally funded travel must comply with the Federal Travel Regulation and the U.S. Fly America Act

Travel Reimbursement:Conference

Travel Expense Statement (TES) Instructions

In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, employees upon return from travel must complete and submit a Travel Expense Statement with receipts. Receipts must be provided to verify that the travel services purchased were used for the approved traveler, dates, and locations for which official travel was approved. Receipts also document the actual cost and payment of each expense.

For more information, please contact Dawuad Murray.

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