sp2The CICS-MD SharePoint is a tool for CICS employees and sponsors to share the latest information about their CICS projects. Unlike the website, it is a secure site that is not open to the public.

We will be able to use your SharePoint entries for the weekly report, website, biannual circulars, ESSIC highlights, and annual reports so you only have to enter information once.

IThe SharePoint is made up of Lists:

  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Report Entries
  • Media Coverage
  • Visitors
  • Upcoming Events
  • Satellite Products

Choose a list from the left menu to see the entries. To add your own entry, go to the bottom off the page and click on


More information on using the site is available on the list "CICS-MD SharePoint Tips."

If you have not used this site, you must first email Debra Baker for access.

Once you have access, Use your web browser to go to:




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