Award Winners at CICS-MD

June 4, 2014 11:04 AM
Award Winners

Several CICS-MD scientists and students have received awards in the last month. Congratulations on this success! You have made us all proud,

NOAA/NESDIS/STAR Awards received by people working at ESSIC/CICS-MD

1.       CrIS SDR Team:  Yong Han (Physical Scientist ,STAR/SMCD satellite Calibration and Assimilation Branch), Denis Tremblay (ERT), Xin Jin (ERT), Likun Wang (CICS), and Yong Chen (CICS) for developing a state-of-the-art system for processing, calibrating, and monitoring Suomi NPP CrIS SDR data to support weather and climate applications

2.       Cheng-Zhi Zou (Physical Scientist, STAR/SMCD Environmental Monitoring Branch), Likun Wang (CICS), and Haifeng Qian (ERT) for a widely acclaimed research article published in the Journal of Climate on the construction of stratospheric temperature data records from the Stratospheric Sounding Unit instruments

3.       Ralph Ferraro (Supervisory Physical Scientist, CoRP, Satellite Climate Studies Branch) for leadership to provide highest quality global precipitation measurements supporting critical weather and climate applications

4.       Huan Meng, CoRP / SCSB Honored for the development and implementation of NOAA's first satellite-based operational snowfall rate product.

                (Ralph and Huan are NOAA employees working on-site at CICS-MD)

Awards to CICS-MD interns

1.       Kate O'Brien: 2014 Fleming Award, Monetary Prize: $776.

2.       Mike Natoli:  2014 Rick Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship Award, Monetary Prize: $1500.

3.       Katie Lukens: 2014 Green Fund Award

4.       Mike Natoli:  2015 NOAA Hollings Scholarship (a 2-year scholarship for the last two years of UG of up to $8,000 a year with a paid research internship in summer 2015)


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