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Hugo Berbery Article

Agricultural Flash Droughts

In their recent publication, CISESS Scientist E. Hugo Berbery and his co-authors examine agricultural flash droughts worldwide and reveal their characteristics and life cycle.

John Xun Yang Article

New Satellite Error Simulator

SatERR is a community error inventory for satellite microwave observation error representation and uncertainty quantification, described by John Xun Yang and his co-authors in a new publication.

Xi Shao Article

Robotic Ground-based Cal/Val System

Under a CISESS Seed Grant, Xi Shao and his colleagues at the CISESS Remote Sensing Lab built a Robotic Ground-based Cal/Val System and used it in a field campaign for JPSS/VIRS and GOES-R/ABI validation.‚Äč


Ocean Acidification Indicators

CISESS Scientist Li-Qing Jiang has a new article that is a major step forward in the projections of ocean acidifcation indicators in the global ocean.


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