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Tianning Su wins AMS Speaking Award

CISESS Graduate Student Tianning Su won an AMS Speaker Award for his dynamic presentation on a new Deep Learning algorithm to improve satellite AOD.

Liqing Jiang Ocean Acidification

New Historical Dataset on Ocean Acidification

CISESS Scientist Liqing Jiang has a new article in Nature Scientific Reports on Ocean pH and Buffer Capacity: Past, Present and Future. See the press release and video.

2019 CISESS Science Meeting

CISESS Science Meeting Archives

The archive of the 2019 CISESS Science Meeting is now available. It includes the slides and posters from the November 12-14 conference held in College Park

Press Release

CISESS Awarded to UMD

CICS is now the Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies (CISESS). This is NOAA grant NA19NES4320002 (Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies) with an end date of 30 June 2025.


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