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Ocean Acidification Indicators

CISESS Scientist Li-Qing Jiang has a new article that is a major step forward in the projections of ocean acidifcation indicators in the global ocean.

Seed Grant 1 Virtual Reality

Remote Streaming Virtual Reality

Guangyang Fang & Joseph Patton and two student interns have developed a remote streaming VR interface to view 100 years of 3D climate data on ENSO.

Seed Grant 2 Raspberry Pi

Lightning Camera Network

Daile Zhang has designed a new low-cost Raspberry Pi camera lightning monitor. With the help of her three student interns, she set up six sites in three states.

Seed Grant 3 Emulated Microwave

Passive Microwave Emulator

Veljko Petkovic and Malarvizhi Arulraj, with the help of PhD student, have developed a passive microwave emulator from ABI data using artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Seed Grant 4 Microwave Radiometer

Student-Built Microwave Radiometer

Hu Yang and Jun Dong helped five student interns build and test a microwave radiometer. This Seed Grant also funded the development of the new CISESS Remote Sensing Laboratory.


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