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Indispensable Microwave Data

CISESS scientists Chris Grassotti and Yong-Keun Lee coauthored a paper published on January 30th that showed that satellite microwave observations at 23.8 GHz improve the accuracy of total precipitable water (TPW) products over land as well as oceans.


3D Structure of Forests

CISESS Scientists Khaldoud Rishmawi and Chegquan Huang co-published an article on January 25th that demonstrated the integration of Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation measurements with VIIRS data to produce 1-km resolution forest products.


Record Heat in Upper Oceans

CISESS Scientists Alexey Mishonov and Jim Reagan are coauthors on a newsworthy study, published online on January 13th, which reported upper ocean temperatures hit a record high in 2020.

2021 Summer Interns

2021 CISESS Summer Interns

CISESS had 22 Summer Interns, including graduate, undergraduate and high school students. They each presented single slide summaries of their work, which are now available for viewing on our Students Page.


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