CISESS Financial Director Heather Mattern and the New CISESS Finance Office

November 6, 2019 06:00 AM
CISESS Financial Director Heather Mattern

CISESS is proud to announce that Heather Mattern has been hired as the new CISESS Financial Director. Under our new cooperative agreement, CISESS has its own financial unit. This unit will focus on NOAA financial requirements, handling all CISESS proposals and accounts. Heather is in the process of hiring the additional members of her financial staff.

Heather comes with excellent knowledge on the management of a CI. You may recall that she worked at ESSIC several years ago as EBO Assistant Director, focusing on CICS business administration. CISESS has grown and expanded since her past work with us. Heather says she is ready for a big challenge.

Heather's office is on the 3rd Floor of the ESSIC Building, with most of the on-campus CISESS scientists and just across the cul-de-sac from most of our off-campus scientists at NOAA. The accessibility and focus of our new Financial Unit will facilitate interactions with all our CISESS Scientists.


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