Hai-Tien Lee

Hai-Tien Lee is an Assistant Research Engineer in the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS) specialized in the satellite algorithms and climate data production and analysis for the earth radiation budget products. He joined the CICS in 1986 as a Graduate Research Assistant under Prof. Robert G. Ellingson and received the doctorate in meteorology from the University of Maryland. After five years working on the UV Index Forecast program at the NCEP Climate Prediction Center, he rejoined and stayed on with CICS since 1998.Aditya Sood is working with the Chesapeake Bay Forecasting System (CBFS). His role includes using Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to model the hydrology and nutrients from the bay and integrating it with the weather forecasting and ocean models. His research interests are in watershed/water resource management and sustainable development. Mr. Sood has an interdisciplinary educational and professional background in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, database development and programming, GIS application and hydrology/water quality modeling. Before pursuing his PhD, he worked as a civil and environmental engineer in India and USA respectively. He also worked as an Information Technology programmer for various organizations. His future goal is to integrate science and engineering to contribute in the on-going debate of "development". By using effective technology, he wants to explore the environmental and developmental issues in a holistic way within larger ecosystem boundaries such as watersheds.

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