Cooperative Institute for Climate & Satellites - Maryland


Climate Literacy

Uz_2CICS-MD reaches out through various activities to K-12 students to help advance climate science, literacy and education particularly focusing in on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skill sets. Over the past several years, CICS scientists have given presentations, led lectures, taught courses, developed curricula, lent equipment, and mentored high-school students.

CICS-MD scientists volunteer activities include mentoring at local elementary schools, serving either as guest or regular scientists to discuss weather and oceanography lessons, and using the Magic Planet (portable animated globe for environmental data display).  An honors student at the Montgomery County MD science and technology magnet high school completed a summer internship at CICS-MD and used the work accomplished as his senior thesis.

Each summer since 2009, CREST has organized a Weather Camp (partially funded by CICS) where 8-10 high school students spend one week on the campus of CCNY and 1 week at the NWS office on Long Island learning about weather concepts, operations, and future college and job careers in STEM fields.

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