Public Events

Lightning Safety Week TV Coverage

CICS-MD & NOAA Scientist Scott Rudlosky was interviewed by NBC 4 (Washington, DC) to discuss improvements in weather forecasting from the DC Lightning Mapping Array. This was only one of several events held for Lightning Safety Week.



Mete UzScience on a Sphere

CICS-MD has been using spherical displays to reach out to the public. Spherical displays show weather and climate features moving across its surface. The data are used to educate visitors of all ages, school groups, or other audiences about Earth systems and how they relate to the environment. CICS makes presentations at Maryland Day, the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, and the National Zoo.

The EarthNow project, a collaboration among CICS-MD, CIMSS and NOAA EVL, provides a near real-time weather and climate stories for spherical displays, including a web-based blog, tailored to SOS sites in museums and science centers around the world.

Science on a Sphere at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Photo © by Mete Uz.


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