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New CICS Publications

Li, Zhongxian, Ping He, Jieshun Zhu, Haishan Chen, Gang Zeng and Weitao Deng, 2019: Improving the simulation of East Asian summer monsoon with mesoscale enhancement in an AGCM. Climate Dyn., 53, 225–236,

Penny , Stephen G., Santha Akella, Magdalena A. Balmaseda, Philip Browne, James A. Carton et al., 2019: Observational needs for improving ocean and coupled reanalysis, S2S prediction, and decadal prediction. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 391,

Zhang , Xiaotong, Dongdong Wang , Qiang Liu, Yunjun Yao, Kun Jia, Tao He, Bo Jiang, Yu Wei, Han Ma, Xiang Zhao, Wenhong Li, and Shunlin Liang, 2019: An operational approach for generating the global land surface downward shortwave radiation product from MODIS data. IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens.,57, 4636–4650,

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