NOAA Knows Remote Sensing of Precipitation

July 28, 2017 08:43 AM
Suomi NPP color composite visible imagery for 17 February 2017 highlights deep convection clouds (red), cellular convection (green) and stratiform clouds (yellow).
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SCSB Chief Ralph Ferraro is the lead author of the first chapter in a new volume on the Water Cycle, part of the nine-volume set on Comprehensive Remote Sensing to be released by Elsevier. His chapter covers remote sensing of precipitation and includes information on:

o   Visible and Infrared Methods;

o   Passive Microwave Methods;

o   Active Microwave Methods;

o   Multisensor Datasets; and

o   Drought and Flood Applications.

UMD Professor and CICS-MD Scientist Shunlin Liang is the Editor in Chief of the series. Elsevier plans to release the books in November 2015. They are available for pre-order at Ferraro, Ralph, Gail Skofronick-Jackson, Yang Hong, and K. Zhang, Chapter 1: Precipitation, in Volume 4: Remote Sensing of Hydrological Cycle (ed. Jiancheng Shi) of Comprehensive Remote Sensing (9 Vols., Elsevier, in press).


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