2015 Science Meeting Archive

Monday, November 23, 2015


Welcome/Research Priorities (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm CICS Research and Its Use by International Development Organizations  
Mike Kalb STAR Cooperative Research: Just Where Do We Think We are Going?   
Satya Kalluri STAR Cooperative Research Programs: Progress & Prospects  
Hugo Berbery Research and Challenges at CICS-MD  
Ralph Ferraro (I) Ever Wonder How Those Satellite Products are Used?  

Session 1

Scientific Support for JPSS/Data Assimilation (Chair: Yong Chen)

Lihang Zhou (I) Overview of the Suomi-NPP Data Products’ Performance and Plans for JPSS-1 Calibration/Validation  
Jingfeng Huang Validation and Expected Error Estimation of Suomi-NPP VIIRS Aerosol Optical Thickness and Angstrom Exponent with AERONET  
Isaac Moradi Community Global OSSE Package (CGOP)  
Sean Casey Geostationary Hyperspectral Infrared  Constellation: Global Observing System Simulation Experiments for Five Geo-HSS Instruments  
Tom Auligne (I) Lunch Keynote: Evolution and Advancement  of Satellite Data Assimilation  

Session 2

Calibrations & Validation/VIIRS Retrievals (Chair: Jingfeng Huang)

Fuzhong Weng  (I) Overview of Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (SNPP) Satellite Instrument Calibration and Validation  
Sherry Pan SNPP OMPS Radiometric Calibration  
Yong Chen Evaluation of Different Calibration Approaches for JPSS CrIS  
Slawomir Blonski VIIRS SDR Cal/Val: S-NPP Update and JPSS-1 Preparations  
Jun Dong Satellite Microwave Snowfall Rate Retrieval Algorithm, Cal/Val and Application  

Session 3

Data Fusion and Algorithm Development (Chair: Huan Meng)

Paul Di Giacomo (I) Satellite Remote Sensing of Coastal and Inland Water Quality: Toward a Global Water Quality Monitoring and Forecasting Service  
Pat Meyers Lightning Enhancement of Satellite Precipitation Estimates  
Likun Wang Scientific Benefits of Spatial Resolution for Next Generation Infrared Hyperspectral Sounder Instruments  
Cezar Kongoli Satellite-Based Estimation of Snow Hydrologic and Surface Energy Balance Components  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Session 4

Ocean Data Records/Data Assimilation (Chair: Michael Gerst)

Margarita Gregg (I) An Introduction to the National Centers for Environmental Information  
Daniel Tong Emission Data Assimilation to Support NAQFC Real-Time PM2.5Forecasting: A New NOAA Service  
Eugenia Kalnay Using Data Assimilation to Improve the Model and the Observations  
Xiaolei Zou Assessment of AHI Level-1 Data for HWRF Assimilation  
Sheekela Baker - Yeboah Satellite Altimetry Sea Surface Height Variability and In Situ Observations Along An Eddy Corridor  
Liqing Jiang Climatological Distribution of Aragonite and Calcite Saturation States in the Global Oceans  

Session 5

Climate Research and Modeling (Chair: Pat Meyers)

Dave Dewitt (I) Challenges to Improving Weekly to Seasonal Climate Prediction  
Katie Lukens Boreal Winter Storm Tracks and Related Precipitation in North America: A Potential Vorticity Perspective  
Stephen Lord Analysis of an Observing System Experiment for the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS)  
Steve Warren Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS)  
Li - Chuan Chen ENSO Precipitation and Temperature Forecasts in the North American Multi - Model Ensemble: Composite Analysis and Verification  
Nagaraja Harshadeep  Lunch Keynote: Developing modern platforms to effectively share, analyze, and use data for development  

Session 6

Ecological Forecasting/Climate Change  (Chair: Isaac Moradi)

Christopher Brown (I) The Chesapeake Bay Ecological Prediction System   
Group Talk: Peng Yu Production of Satellite Land Surface Temperature Dataset at STAR  
Ariana Sutton - Grier Green is the New Black: Potential for Natural and Hybrid Infrastructure to Enhance Ecosystem and Community Resilience  
Safa Motesharrei Local Cooling and Warming Effects of Forests Based on Satellite Observations  
Alice Crawford (I) NOAA ARL: HYSPLIT and Satellite Observations, Volcanic Ash Forecasting and Other Applications  

Session 7

Earth System Monitoring from Satellites (Chair: Guojun Gu)

Antonio Busalacchi (I) The Decadal Survey  
Tom Zhao (I) NOAA Satellite Climate Data Records (CDRs) and Applications for Societal Benefit  
Bin Zhang Using VIIRS SST towards improving Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecasting System with a 4D-Var Data Assimilation Method  
Group Talk: Hu Yang Advanced Science Support for NPP/JPSS Satellite Program  
Group Talk: Robert Adler Monitoring Global Precipitation Climate Diagnostics to Floods  


Monday, November 23, 2015

Poster Session                 * Still on display at ESSIC Building

Fong Ngan Using WRF Meteorological Data for Dispersion Simulations of Controlled Tracer Experiments  
Yong Chen* SI Traceable Algorithm for Characterizing Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder CrIS Noise  
Zhuo Wang* Suomi NPP VIIRS Detector Dependent Relative Spectral Response Variation Effects using Line-by-Line Radiative Transfer Model Calculations  
Xi Shao Spectral Degradation of Solar Diffuser on Suomi - NPP VIIRS due to Surface Roughness - induced Rayleigh Scattering  
Li Ren Satellite Sea - Surface Salinity Data Consistency  
Li Fang* Enhancing NCEP-NAM Weather Forecasts via Assimilating Real-Time Green Vegetation Fraction  
Narges Shahroudi Preliminary Results of Geo - stationary Microwave Sounders Using the Community Global Observing System Simulation Experiment Package  
Yan Zhou Geostationary HyperSpectral Sounder (Geo - HSS) Assimilation  using the Community Global OSSE Package (CGOP)  
Kenneth Pryor (new) The Influence of the Summer Monsoon on Severe Convective Windstorm Development  
Rebekah Esmaili* Statistical Properties of Cloud Movement and Lifecycle Evolution from Satellite Observations  
Christopher Grassotti Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS): Recent Science Improvements and Applications  
Jicheng Liu* Comparison of Different Methods to Merge Satellite Soil Moisture Products from Different Sensors  
Sheekela Baker - Yeboah Scientific Stewardship of VIIRS Ocean Satellite Data  
Xinrong Ren Long - term Monitoring of Atmospheric Mercury Species at a Coastal Site in the Northern Gulf of Mexico  
Manik Bali* GSICS Products and Deliverables  
Alejandro Egido* Fully Focused SAR Altimetry – Theory and Applications  
Zhengpeng Li* GOES Evapotranspiration and Drought (GET-D) Product System  
Melissa Kenney A Prototype Indicators System for U.S. Climate Changes, Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Responses  
Ni Dai* ENSO-Related Precipitation Seasonal Evolution & Multidecadal Change in Reanalysis and CMIP5 Models  
Yan Li The Role of Spatial Scale and Background Climate in the Latitudinal Temperature Response to Deforestation  
Isaac Moradi Intercalibration and Validation of SAPHIR and ATMS Observations   
Tianfeng Chai HYSPLIT Inverse Modeling  
Michiko Masutani Observing System Simulation Experiment to Link Research and Operation  
Michiko Masutani Simulation of IASI on Geostationary Satellite  


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