2017 CICS Science Meeting Archive



Day One: November 6, 2017


Session 1

 Welcome and Research Updates   (Chair: Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm)

  Hugo Berbery Logistics  
  Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Welcome and CICS future developments   slides  
  Hugo Berbery CICS research in Maryland (CICS-MD)   slides  
  Reza Khanbilvardi (I) Cooperative Science Center for Earth Systems Science and REmote Sensing Technologies (CREST)   slides  
  Shakila Mechant (I) Outreach at CREST   slides  
  Harry Cikanek (I) An Update from the NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR)   slides  
  Otis Brown (I) CICS research in North Carolina (CICS-NC)    slides  
  Mitch Goldberg (I) Seminar: The JPSS-1 Satellite Mission: Expectations for transitioning of satellite products to operations   slides  

Session 2

Land and Hydrology          (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

  Lihang Zhou (I) JPSS Data Products and Cal Val Updates   slides  
  Mitch Schull An Open Source Tool to Estimate Regional and Field-Scale Evapotranspiration    abstract  slides  
  Li Fang Merging Microwave and Optical Satellite Observations for High Resolution Soil Moisture Data Products    abstract  slides  
  Jicheng Liu NOAA Soil Moisture Operational Product System  (SMOPS) Version 3.0: Validations and Improvements    abstract  slides  
  Xiaoxu Tian Comparisons of Brightness Temperatures and  Atmospheric Temperature Retrievals between ATMS and COSMIC RO    abstract  slides  
  Jifu Yin Applications of Satellite Soil Moisture in Drought Monitoring and Weather Forecast Improvements    abstract  slides  
  Yuhan Rao Land surface temperature retrieval for Himawari-8 Advanced Himawari Imager (AHI) data    abstract  slides  

Session 3

Ocean Data Stewardship    (Chair: Katie Lukens)

  Krisa Arzayus (I) Stewarding NOAA's data: How NCEI allocates stewardship resources  slides  
  Jim Reagan Nonuniform Warming of the North Atlantic from 1955-2012    abstract  slides  
  Liqing Jiang Surface pH in the Global Ocean    abstract  slides  
  Alexey Mishonov The World Ocean Database Transmissometry Data: Illuminating the Ocean’s Secrets    abstract  slides  

Day Two: November 7, 2017


Session 4

Climate Research & Environmental Decision Support    (Chair: Emily Smail)

  Pasha Groisman (I) Freezing Precipitation, Characterization of Weather Conditions Associated with It, and Changes in the Frequency of Its Occurrence    abstract  slides  
  Allison Baer Diagnosing Understandability Challenges in NOAA Climate Prediction Center's Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks    abstract  slides  
  Augustin Vintzileos The Elements of Subseasonal Excessive Heat Outlook Systems (SEHOS)    abstract  slides  
  Katherine Lukens The imprint of strong-storm tracks on winter weather in North America    abstract  slides  
  Xiaoyang Zhang Generation of Global Biomass Burning Emissions Product Using Fire Radiative Power Retrieved from Multiple Geostationary and Polar-orbiting Satellites     abstract  slides  

Session 5

Satellite Oceanography & Climatology (Chair: Jifu Yin)

  Eric Leuliette (I) New insights from the sea level budget  slides  
  Sinead Farrell Measuring and Validating the Snow Depth Distribution on Arctic Sea Ice in Support of Polar Altimetry    abstract  slides  
  Kyle Duncan High-Resolution Airborne Observations of Sea Ice Pressure Ridge Sail Height    abstract  slides  
  Emily Smail Science for Society: The GEO Blue Planet and AquaWatch Initiatives    abstract  slides  
  Ge Peng Temporal and Regional Climate Mean and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Coverage from Satellite Data    abstract  slides  
  Chris Justice (I) Seminar: Research to operations in agricultural monitoring  slides  

Session 6

Data Fusion and Algorthm Development     (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

  Ralph Ferraro (I) An Update from the Satellite Climate Studies Branch  slides  
  Chris Grassotti NOAA's Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS): Recent Activity and Science Improvements    abstract  slides  
  Sid Boukabara (I) MIIDAPS Algorithm: Inversion of Geophysical Products from MW and IR Space-Based Sensors   slides  
  Pat Meyers Evaluation of AMSR2 Precipitation Algorithms    abstract  slides  
  Jun Dong Latest Development with the NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Snowfall Rate Product    abstract  slides  
  Yalei You Improving Overland Precipitation Retrieval with Brightness Temperature Temporal Variation    abstract  slides  
  Veljko Petkovic Using Large-scale Environment to Improve Passive MW Estimates of Heavy Precipitation    abstract  slides  

Session 7

Data Assimilation  (Chair: Veljko Petkovic)

  Kayo Ide (I) Impact Assessment of Future Cubesat Constellations on Global Data Assimilation using Observing System Simulation Experiments   slides  
  Xiaolei Zou (I) Importance of Satellite Data Characteristics for Their Assimilation in NWP Models   slides  
  Kevin Garrett An Enterprise Environmental Data Fusion and Assimilation System for Nowcasting Applications    abstract  slides  
  Youhua Tang Case Study of Aerosol Data Assimilation with the Community Multi-Scale Air Quality Model over the Contiguous United States using 3D-Var and Optimal Interpolation Methods    abstract  slides  

Day Three: November 8, 2017


Session 8

Calibration and Validation    (Chair: Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm)

  Changyong Cao (I) Improving the science quality of VIIRS SDR data through recalibration, reprocessing, and reanalysis   slides  
  Heshun Wang Radiance Based VIIRS Land Surface Temperature Product Validation    abstract  slides  
  Hui Xu S-NPP CrIS Gap Channels Prediction, Validation and Application    abstract  slides  
  Likun Wang Linking JPSS-1 and SNPP CrIS through Inter-calibration Efforts    abstract  slides  
  Manik Bali Use of  AMSU/MSU FCDR  as an in-orbit reference to monitor ATMS    abstract  slides  
  Sirish Uprety Recent Improvements in S-NPP VIIRS DNB Calibration    abstract  slides  
  Hu Yang Developing vicarious calibration for microwave sounding instruments using lunar radiation    abstract  slides  

Session 9

Scientific Support for the New Satellite Missions, GOES-R and JPSS (Chair: Pat Meyers)

  Yuling Liu Status of the Land Surface Temperature Product Development for JPSS Mission    abstract  slides  
  Xi Shao Radiometric Stability and Stray Light Performance Monitoring for VIIRS Day/Night Band with Moon Light    abstract  slides  
  Michael Folmer GOES-16:  First Uses in the National Weather Service Operations!    abstract  slides  
  Michael Peterson A First Look at the New Generation of Lightning Mapping with GOES-16    abstract  slides  
  Peng Yu GOES-16 Land Surface Temperature Product Status    abstract  slides  

Poster Session

  Alexey Mishonov Ocean climate shift derived from Northwest Atlantic Regional Climatology    abstract  poster  
  Alexey Mishonov Historical and Modern Deep-Sea Transmissometry Data in World Ocean Database: Its Status, Challenges, and Utilization    abstract  poster  
  Alexey Mishonov Particle Mass In Deep-Water Benthic Nepheloid Layers: A Global Synthesis    abstract  poster  
  Bin Zhang Stability Monitoring of the Advanced Microwave Radiometer onboard Jason-3    abstract  poster  
  Eli Dennis Initializing Numerical Weather Prediction Models with Model-derived and Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Data    abstract  poster  
  Hyun Cheol Kim Chemical histories of pollutant plumes in East Asia: Use of HYSPLIT-CMAQ tracking tool during the 2015 MAPS-Seoul campaign    abstract  poster  
  James Biard Automated Detection of Fronts using a Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network    abstract  poster  
  Jingjing Peng Sea-ice Shortwave Albedo Retrieval Using NPP/VIIRS Data    abstract  poster  
  John Xun Yang Radiometry Calibration with High-Resolution Data of GPM: Application to ATMS 183 GHz Water Vapor Channels    abstract  poster  
  Jun Zhou SNPP ATMS On-Orbit Geolocation Error: Evaluation and Correction Algorithm    abstract  poster  
  Lin Lin Effects of Spectral Response Function (SRF) and Antenna Pattern on the Characterization of ATMS Bias    poster  
  Liwen Wang Assessment and Enhancement of the Cloud Emission and Scattering Index (CESI) for Detecting Cirrus Clouds    abstract  poster  
  Nai-Yu Wang Combining Imager and Lightning For Enhanced GOES-R Rain Estimates in the NWS Pacific Region    abstract  poster  
  Ni Dai Intercomparison of ENSO Diabatic Heating Distribution and Atmospheric Circulations among ERA-interim, MERRA-2, CFSR Reanalyses and CMIP5 Models    abstract  poster  
  Ricardo Kendi Sakai GRUAN Mid-Atlantic Consortium Activities    abstract  poster  
  Tarendra Lakhankar Validation and Application of JPSS/GCOM-W (AMSR2) Soil Moisture Data Product for Puerto Rico    poster  
  Xi Shao Orbital Equator Crossing Time Variation for Suomi-NPP, MetOp  and JPSS-1 Sun-synchronous Satellites    abstract  poster  
  Xi Shao A Light Contamination Ranking Index-based Method for Automating VIIRS Day/Night Band Stray Light Correction    abstract  poster  
  Yan Bai Lunar Phase-angle Dependent DCC Observations from Suomi NPP VIIRS/DNB    abstract  poster  
  Yi Zhang Developing Hourly Surface Albedo and Reflectance Product Suite for GOES-R ABI    abstract  poster  


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