2016 CICS Science Conference Archive

Day One –November 29 2016


Welcome and Research Priorities (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm Welcome   slides
(I) Mike Kalb NESDIS/STAR   slides
(I) Satya Kalluri CoRP  slides
Hugo Berbery CICS-MD Overview   slides
(I) Reza Khanbilvardi CREST    slides
Shakila Merchant JPSS- Students Professional and Academic Readiness with Knowledge in Satellites (SPARKS)   abstract  slides

Session 1

Earth System Monitoring from Satellites (Chair: Otis Brown )

(I) Otis Brown CICS-NC Overview and Accomplishments    slides
Ge Peng Scientific Stewardship - What Is It and What Does It Mean to Us?   abstract  slides
Peter Romanov Observations of Physical Properties and Microwave Emission of Snow at CREST station in Caribou, ME   abstract  slides
Tom Smith Superensemble Statistical Forecasting of Monthly Precipitation over the Contiguous United States, with Improvements from Ocean-Area Precipitation Predictors   abstract  slides
Bin Zhang Assimilation of VIIRS and AVHRR SST L2 Products with the Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecasting System   abstract  slides
Sarah Champion & Liqiang Sun Technical Support Unit for the National Climate Assessment   abstract  slides
Jessica Matthews Research applications with NOAA’s Climate Data Record Program   abstract  slides

Session 2

Land and Hydrology (Chair: Shakila Merchant)

(I) Jesse Bell The impact of climate variability on Valley Fever   abstract  slides
Ariana Sutton-Grier Ecosystem Science to Enhance Coastal Resilience   abstract  slides
Sam Chen  Simplified Reconstruction and Visual Delivery of Big Climate Data   abstract  slides
Jichen Liu NOAA Soil Moisture Operational Product System  (SMOPS): Version 3.0   abstract  slides
Li Fang Enhancing Weather Forecasts via Assimilating Soil Moisture from Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite and Real-time Green Vegetation Fraction   abstract  slides

Session 3

Research to Operations (Chair: Ariana Sutton-Grier)

(I) Ralph Ferraro An Update from the Satellite Climate Studies Branch   slides
Mamoudou Ba CICS-MD Proving Ground and Training Center (PGTC) Update   abstract  slides
Wenze Yang Global Atmospheric Rivers Depicted from Satellite and NWP Reanalysis, and Their Connection to Weather and Climate Phenomenon   abstract  slides
Yalei You Quantifying the Snowfall Detection Performance of GMI Channels and GPM Constellation Radiometers over Land   abstract  slides
Michael Peterson Monitoring Climate with the Global Electric Circuit   abstract  slides

Day Two –November 30, 2016

Session 4

Data Fusion and Algorithm Development (Chair: Jingfeng Huang )

(I) Xiwu (Jerry) Zhan Soil Moisture Remote Sensing Science and Applications   slides
 Xiaolei Zou Impacts of AHI Radiance Assimilation on Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts over Eastern China   abstract  slides
Chunhui Pan The Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS): From SNPP to JPSS-1   abstract  slides
Prabhat Koner A novel cloud detection for infrared SST application using VIIRS radiances   abstract  slides
Jingfeng Huang AOT Retrievals of China Smog Events (Winter 2015-2016) Using Two Different S-NPP VIIRS AOT Products   abstract  slides

Session 5

Scientific Data Stewardship (Chair: Tom Smith)

(I) Krisa Arzayus NCEI Center for Coasts, Oceans, and Geophysics (CCOG)   slides
Zhankun Wang NCEI-TSG: A Global in situ Sea-surface Salinity and Temperature Database of Thermosalinograph (TSG) Observations   abstract  slides
Jim Reagan The time-evolution of climatically significant salinity trends in the World Ocean   abstract  slides
Sheekela Baker -Yeboah Scientific Stewardship of Ocean Satellite Data   abstract  slides
Brian Beck Data Management: If it’s good enough for the government, it’s good enough for you   abstract  slides
Mitch Goldberg The Joint Polar Satellite System   slides

Session 6

Earth System Monitoring from Satellites II (Chair: Yalei You)

(I) Paul Di Giacomo Satellite Oceanography and Climatology Division (SOCD)   slides
Alejandro Ejido Scientific Applications of Fully-Focused SAR Altimetry   abstract  slides
Likun Wang VIIRS Radiance Cluster Analysis under CrIS Field of Views   abstract  slides
Junye Chen The impact of upgrading the background covariance matrices in NOAA Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS)   abstract  slides
Jun Dong Improving ATMS Snowfall Rate Retrieval by Incorporating the Effect of Supercooled Cloud Liquid Water    abstract  slides

Session 7

Calibration and Validation (Chair: Xiaolei Zou)

(I) Lin Lin Satellite Meteorology and Climatology Division (SMCD)   slides
Isaac Moradi Challenges and progresses in the intercalibration of microwave humidity sounders   abstract  slides
John Xun Yang Assessing the Long-term Stability of ATMS through Cross-Calibration   abstract  slides
Manik Bali In-orbit references for Global Space Based Inter-Calibration System   abstract  slides
Yong Chen Suomi NPP CrIS Reprocessed SDR Long-Term Accuracy and Stability   abstract  slides

Day Three –December 1, 2016

Session 8

 Climate Research, Forecasting, and Modeling (Chair: Tarendra Lakhankar)

(I) Dave DeWitt Climate Prediction Center   slides
Augustin Vintzileos Enhancing Resilience to Heat Extremes: Multi-model Forecasting of Excessive Heat Events at Subseasonal Lead Times   abstract  slides
Katie Lukens Storm Tracks and their Influence on High Impact Weather in the Southern Hemisphere Winter   abstract  slides
Allison Baer Identifying Users, Diagnosing Understandability Challenges, and Developing Prototype Solutions for NOAA Climate Prediction Center's Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks   abstract  slides
Jieshun Zhu The Role of Off-Equatorial Surface Temperature Anomalies in the 2014 El Nino Prediction   abstract  slides
Xiaoyan Zhang Lessons Learned from the Assimilation of Cloud-affected SEVIRI Radiance Observations at NCEP   abstract  slides

Session 4 (cont.)

Data Fusion and Algorithm Development (Chair: Jingfeng Huang )

Yizhou Fan Distinguishing Haze from Cloud in Satellite Imagery Based on Fuzzy Clustering Method   abstract  slides
Xiaoxu Tian ATMS- and AMSU-A-derived Hurricane Warm Core Structures using a Modified Retrieval Algorithm   abstract  slides

Session 9

Climate Data and Research (Chair: Sheekela Yeboah-Baker )

(I) Margarita Gregg National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)   slides
Pavel Groisman Freezing Precipitation and Freezing Events over Northern Eurasia and North America: Climatology and the last decade changes   abstract  slides

Poster Session

Anand Inamdar Diurnal Cycle of Land Surface Temperatures under All-sky Conditions   abstract  poster
Bin Zhang* Monitoring the Stability of the Advanced Mircowave Radiometer onboard Jason series Satellites   abstract  poster
Carlos Luis Perez Diaz Evaluation of MODIS Land Surface Temperature with In SituSnow Surface Temperature from CREST-SAFE   abstract  poster
Yan Bai* Validating the VIIRS Day/Night Band Geolocation Accuracy  at Different Scan Angles with Terrain Correction   abstract  poster
Zhuo Wang* Feasibility Study of VIIRS Detector-level Spectral Response SDR Processing and Calibration   abstract  poster
Peng Yu* The GOES-R Land Surface Temperature Product   abstract  poster
Yuling Liu* Development and Preliminary Evaluation of the Enterprise VIIRS LST Algorithm   abstract  poster
Alice Crawford Volcanic Ash Forecasts using HYSPLIT and Satellite Observations   abstract  poster
Jifu Yin* A Global Blended Drought Index (BDI) from Merging Satellite Observations with a Land Surface Model simulations   abstract  poster
Lei Zhang Evaluation of GFS Cloud and Radiation using ARM Observation at the Azore Site   abstract  poster
Liqiang Sun* Analysis of Climate Extremes over the Contiguous United States   abstract  poster
Seoung Soo Lee The Effect of Gradients in Biomass Burning Aerosol on Shallow Cumulus Convective Circulations    abstract  poster
Korak Saha Scientific Stewardship of Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) Products   abstract  poster
Ronald Leeper* Evaluation of In Situ Soil Moisture Metrics to Monitor Hydrological Conditions   abstract  poster
Sarah Champion Global Warming and Heavy Precipitation Design Values   abstract  poster
Tarendra Lakhankar* Evaluating of the JPSS GCOM-W Soil Moisture Product in the Caribbean region: A Case Study of Puerto Rico   abstract  poster
Chris Grassotti* Development and Assessment of Precipitation Products from the NOAA Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS) Algorithm   abstract  poster
Kyle Duncan* Assessment of Sea Ice Conditions from IceBridge Measurements along a Sentinel-3A Underflight   abstract  poster
Ollvier Prat* An Evaluation of Satellite Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs) Products   abstract  poster
Sarah Champion NOAA’s State Climate Summaries for the National Climate Assessment: A Sustained Assessment   abstract  poster
Fong Ngan Dispersion Simulations using HYSPLIT for Sagebrush Tracer Experiment   abstract  poster
Xinrong Ren Methane Emissions from the Marcellus Shale Based on Airborne Measurements   abstract  poster
Jim Biard Linking netCDF Data with the Semantic Web - Enhancing Data Discovery Across Domains   abstract  poster
Pavel Groisman Freezing Precipitation and Freezing Events over Northern Eurasia and North America: Climatology and the last decade changes   abstract  poster
Jessica Matthews* Long-term HIRS-Based Temperature and Humidity Profiles   abstract  poster

     * Still on display in the ESSIC Building.

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