2019 CISESS Science Meeting Archive



Day One – November 12, 2019


Session 1: Welcome and Institutional Presentations (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

(I) Harry Cikanek The NOAA Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR): Mission and priorities  slides
Christopher Brown NOAA's Cooperative Research Program (CoRP)    slides
Hugo Berbery From CICS to CISESS    slides
Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm The CISESS Consortium: North Carolina    slides

Session 2: Polar Orbiting Satellites (Chair: Xi Shao)

(I)  Shunlin Liang The Land cOntinuous Variable Estimator for Polar-orbiting MODIS and VIIRS data (LoVE-P)  slides
Chengquan Huang Global Surface Type Products from VIIRS  slides
Hu Yang On-orbit Calibration of ATMS by Combined Using Ground Test and Space Maneuver Datasets  slides
John Xun Yang Estimating Noise Equivalent Delta Temperature (NEDT) of Inflight ATMS  abstract
Yong-Keun Lee The Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS): Validation Activities for NOAA-20/ATMS Products and New Science Developments  slides

Session 2 (cont.):  Polar Orbiting Satellites (Chair: Li Fang)

(I) Satya Kalluri Continuity of Mid-Morning Polar Observations through EUMETSAT Metop-SG Satellites  slides
Xi Shao Modeling Spectral Degradation of MODIS and VIIRS Solar Diffusers   slides
Sirish Uprety Radiometric Consistency between S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands  slides
Bin Zhang Error Assessments in the GNSS Radio Occultation Excess Phase/Bending Angle Calculation  slides
Xiaoxu Tian Comparison of ATMS Striping Noise Between NOAA-20 and S-NPP and Noise Impact on Warm Core Retrieval of Typhoon Jelawat (2018)  slides
Isaac Moradi Radiative Transfer Models Intercomparison in the Microwave Region  slides

Session 3: Earth System Data Assimilation  (Chair: Xiaoxu Tian)

Biljana Orescanin Data Assimilation Efforts: MW Radiances Over Land  slides
Katherine Lukens Assessment of Stratospheric Balloon Observations towards Assimilation in NOAA's GSI-based Global Data Assimilation System   slides
Hui Liu Initial Impact Assessment of the ADM-Aeolus Space-Based Lidar Winds on NCEP Global Analysis and Forecast   slides
Erin Jones Evaluating Shortwave Observations from the CrIS Hyperspectral Infrared Instrument in the NOAA Global Data Assimilation System  slides
Sarah O'Connor CoRIS: the Evolution of a Data Management Program  slides
Manik Bali GSICS Coordination Center activities  slides

Day Two – November 13, 2019


Session 4: Geostationary Satellites (Chair: Patrick Meyers)

(I) Steve Goodman Lightning: An Essential Climate Variable  slides
Mason Quick Mid-Atlantic Lightning Mapping Array Deployment  abstract
Daile Zhang Time Evolution of Satellite-based Optical Properties in Lightning Flashes, and its Impact on GLM Flash Detection  slides
Veljko Petkovic Predicting GLM Flash Rate Class: Deep Neural Network Approach  slides
Jonathan Wynn Smith A Review of GLM Gridded Product Training Activities  slides

Session 4 (cont.): Geostationary Satellites (Chair: Daile Zhang)

Fangfang Yu In-orbit Radiometric Calibration Accuracy of GOES-16/17 ABI  slides
Vladimir Kondratovich CENRAIS - CWG Extended Navigation and Registration Assessment and Improvement System for GOES-R ABI Sensor  slides
Zhipeng Wang On-orbit Radiometric Calibration of GOES-R ABI IR Bands  slides
Patrick Meyers Exploring JPSS and GOES-R Observations in Virtual Reality  slides
Patrick Meyers Updates from the CISESS Proving Ground and Training Center  slides

Session 5: Earth System - Ocean (Chair: Katherine Lukens)

(I) Paul DiGiacomo Satellite Oceanography at NOAA: Research, Applications and Services  slides
Kyle Duncan Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice Pressure Ridges from ICESat-2  abstract
Sheekela Baker-Yeboah Physical and Biological Implications of Eddy Signatures in the Benguela and California Current Regions  slides
Gang Liu From Near Real-Time Monitoring and Seasonal Outlooks to an Historical Assessment of Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Over 30 Years: Coral Reef Watch's Decision Support System for Coral Reef Management  slides
Alexey Mishonov Variability of the Gulf Stream Path on Decadal and Longer Timescales  abstract
Guangyang Fang Seasonal Predictability of Tropical Atlantic Variability  slides

Session 5 (cont.): Earth System - Ocean (Chair: Hugo Berbery)

(I) Veronica Lance Ocean Satellite Data for Research and Applications:  Expanding Paradigms, Aiding Transitions  slides
Eviatar Bach Local Atmosphere-Ocean Predictability: Dynamical Origins, Lead Times, and Seasonality  slides
James Biard Atmospheric Fronts in Climate Models: Inter-comparison Across Historical and Future Scenarios  slides

Session 6: Monitoring the Earth System (Chair: Daniel Tong)

(I) Russ Dickerson  Air Quality Projects: NOAA/UMD Cooperation  slides
Youhua Tang Development of a Fast-Response Volcanic SO2Prediction System: A Study for the 2018 Mt. Kilauea Eruption using a Chemical Transport Model and Satellite Data  slides
Yunyao Li Ensemble Forecast of PM2.5during the 2018 Camp Fire Event Using the HYSPLIT Transport and Dispersion Model  slides
Heshun Wang Monitoring the Heatwave and Wildfire Events in 2019 Using Multiple NOAA VIIRS Land Surface Products  slides
Evan Ellicott Timeliness of Remotely-Sensed Active Fire Products   abstract

Day Three – November 14, 2019


Session 7: Earth System - Land / Hydrological Cycle (Chair: Jingjing Peng)

(I) Ralph Ferraro Satellite Hydrological Products - Recent Advances and Applications, Future Challenges  slides
Li Fang Evapotranspiration Data Product from NESDIS GET-D System Upgraded for GOES-16 ABI Observations  slides
Jifu Yin Near Rear Time 1 km SMAP Soil Moisture Data Product for Potential Use in National Water Model   slides
Mitch Schull A Pythonic Implementation of the ALEXI/DisALEXI Modeling Suite  slides
Eli Dennis Simulating Regional Climate: What is the Role of Soil Texture?  slides

Session 7 (cont.): Earth System - Land / Hydrological Cycle (Chair: Veljko Petkovic)

(I) Bob Adler The GPCP Climate Data Record (CDR)--Global Precipitation Monitoring and Trends   slides
Peng Yu The GOES-R Land Surface Temperature Product Assessment  slides
Jun Dong Passive Microwave Snowfall Rate Product - New Calibration and Application  slides
Yalei You Time-Lag Correlation Between Passive Microwave Measurements and Surface Precipitation and Its Impact on Precipitation Retrieval Evaluation  slides
Peter Romanov Enhanced 30+ Year Global Snow and Ice Dataset and Climatology  slides

Poster Session

Yan Bai Comparing S-NPP/NOAA-20 VIIRS DNB Reflected Lunar Radiances over Deep Convective Clouds  abstract
Lin Lin The Effects of VIIRS Detector-Level and Band-Averaged Relative Spectral Response Differences on the Thermal Emissive Bands  poster
Xin Jing Evaluation of RadCalNet Output Data Using Landsat 7, Landsat 8, Sentinel 2A, and Sentinel 2B Sensors  abstract
Jun Zhou Comparison of the Remapping Algorithms for Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS)  poster
Haifeng Qian GOES-17 ABI VNIR Bands Radiometric  Calibration and Performance  poster
Xi Shao Inter-Calibration of Small Satellite-based Microwave, Infrared and Radio Occultation Sensors and Demonstration with Proxy Data  abstract
Erick Geiger Overview of NOAA Coral Reef Watch's Daily 5km-resolution Satellite Regional Virtual Stations for Monitoring and Responding to Mass Coral Bleaching  abstract
Tung-Chang Liu Modeling of Solar Diffuser Stability Monitor Sun View Screen Transmittance  abstract
Patrick Meyers Evaluation of NOAA's Reprocessed AMSR2 Environmental Data Records  abstract
Yan Zhou Development of a Machine Learning-Based Radiometric Bias Correction for NOAA's Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS)  abstract
Ronald Vogel Satellite Data Stakeholder Engagement Methodology Supports Regional Environmental Decision-Making Through Collaborative Applications  poster
Jeannette Wild Overview of CISESS Stratospheric Projects at the NCEP Climate Prediction Center  poster
Peter Beierle Towards Evaluating the Performance of the J-2/CrIS Instrument during Thermal Vacuum Testing  poster
Hyelim Yoo Desert Monitoring at Uyuni site for validation of GOES-16 ABI visible bands  poster
Hui Xu An Artificial Deep Neural Network Based Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder Uniform Scene Detection Model  abstract
Xinrong Ren Aircraft Measurements of Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases in the Mid-Atlantic States  poster
Tarendra Lakhankar Hydrological Analysis using WRF-Hydro Model for Puerto Rico  abstract
Ricardo Kendi Sakai Howard University Beltsville Campus (HUBC) Atmospheric Science Research Activities  abstract
Fantine Ngan The Evaluation of Turbulent Mixing in HYSPLIT using MEASUREMENTs from Controlled Tracer Experiments  poster
Yuling Liu Enterprise LST Product Status and Its Readiness to Users  abstract
Yingtao Ma Enhancement in CRTM non-LTE Correction Scheme and Implementation of Scene-Dependent Observation Error in GSI for Assimilation of CrIS SWIR  abstract

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